The author of the idea of Silvanols is the scientist and chemist Alfrēds Ošiņš who built a turpentine factory in Mērsrags in 1932. in order to make turpentine, colophony and heavy oil for scientific purposes. In a while the factory workers started noticing that the heavy oil acquired in manufacuring process heals all wounds, eases breathing and lessens cough. Ošiņš named this wonder "Silvanols"
Over time the positive effects of Silvanols on treatment of tubercolosis and even cancer were studied abroad. Ošiņš gained international recognition and was invited to conferences in Germany and France and quickly Silvanols became popular all over the world. The french believed this miracle so much that they proposed to buy Silvanols and the technology behind it, however Ošiņš insisted, that Silvanols should stay in Latvia for the Latvian people to benefit from it.
On April 5, 1950. Ošiņš was arrested and exiled to Siberia which ended the victory march of the miracle cure. What he had acquired was both national and international recognition of Silvanols and the relatives of Ošiņš manufactured it and for at least a while continued to help people with it, both locally and abroad.
On December 8 of 1994. a new company named "Silvanols" was born. The ideas of Ošiņš are continued by creator of "Silvanols" – Ieva Leimane, who guided by her beliefs and desire to help people continue studies on water soluble gels. In summer of 1995 the first preparations of "Silvanols" are registered - OSTEOGELS, RINOGELS and TROMBOGELS.
The Company was founded not only to honor the memory of the great Latvian chemist Ošiņš, but also to continue his work in developing manufacture of safe phamaceuticals that increase the quality of life and are based in Latvian traditions and nature.
Ieva Leimane: "The inspiration for every chemical is hidden within nature, because mother Nature is the best chemist of all times. We just have to learn to understand and use that".


The foundation of the idea of the Company lies with the Latvian scientist and chemist Augusts Ošiņš, who in the 1930s developed unique oil from pine stumps, which he named Silvanols. The oil was excellent not only for healing of wounds, but also demonstrated success in treating of cancer and tuberculosis among other diseases and ailments. Due to its efficacy Silvanols oil got tremendous attention and appreciation from the best scientific institutes of America, Asia and Europe, including the famous Pasteur Institute. But Ošiņš never disclosed the secrets of this miracle cure and the recipe of this almost wonder-medicine was lost during the world war however the legend of it survived alongside the idea of combining the substantial power of nature with modern chemistry. 
To continue the heritage of Ošiņš with just this idea in mind Dr.chem.Ieva Leimane created the company “Silvanols” and consequently named it after the notable scientist's greatest invention. To this day the team of “Silvanols” follows the path first trodden by Ošiņš, as well as, Dr.Leimane's words of wisdom: 
"The power of every chemical substance can be found in nature" – striving to discover those powers and properties of nature and to deliver them safely to people.